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Do you wish to participate in this forum? Well come on in and register! Untamed Savannah Pack is an African Wild Dog RPG, but you may also play as a wolf (only African wolf species are accepted) and have a second character such a lion, cheetah, etc.

We are always open to accepting new members into this pack, so come on in and join the close knit family of ours.
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Reguarding your Posts

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Reguarding your Posts Empty Reguarding your Posts

Post by Jasmin on Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:41 pm


Since we are an RP (role-play) website we post description of what our characters feel, think, see..etc.. Posting is what makes an RP site. We recommend you read Guide To Rping and also follow the following rules.

Post with at least 3 words or more within ALL posts. This does not include smiles, emoticons, or symbols. Any post that do not comply will be deleted. Any repeated amount of SPAM messages from a user could result in that users being penalized.

More when needed

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